Its easy to add character to your kitchen and make it truly unique by opting to hand paint some, or all of your kitchen cabinets. The colour options and finishes are endless. From traditional paint colours to bright and bold, there is a colour that’s just right for you.

If you have a small space then light pastel shades can work very well whereas in a larger room you can experiment with bolder colours for more impact.

Hand painted kitchens allow you to express your individual style whether you are looking for a country style kitchen or a more contemporary look.

The beauty of painted finishes is that if, in the future, you decide you want to change your look then the kitchen cabinets can be painted in another colour, shade or finish. A new kitchen without the need for an entire re-fit.

Our friendly Tunbridge Wells kitchen designers can give you lots of practical advice and ideas on how you can create your own look and feel using paint finishes.

We have lots of ideas in our hand painted kitchen gallery.

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